Why unmetered bandwidth dedicated servers finally prove cheaper?

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If you are a new enterpreneur looking to inject a fresh impetus to your business by launching it onine, or in other words, switching to an e-commerce site, then this is a good decision on your part. The way marketing is to be done das changed over the years and nowadays the people who have their sites on then net and maintain them efficiently have a great edge over the others. One can start this by opting for a virtual server that allows them to have an access to their website.


This is fine for some time but things become difficult when the traffic to the site increases considerably. Although this kind of cheap web hosting promise you unlimited bandwidth, this is never the case. This is because, since this is a virtual server, a lot of their clients have access to the same server, so ultimtely the bandwidth you get is a shared band with. Although this is a low-cost service, this web hosting is not suitable for you if you are planning to have a totally professional site.

You must keep in mind that it is highly probable that a client is using the same virtual server as you but he has a lot more traffic to his website. In this case the server will always give his site a preference over yours and your cyber experience will be badly compromised.


So, what is the way out?

The most uncomplicated and simple answer to this question is that you should go for an unmetered service. This means you have to go for a dedicated server that would be wholly dediziertes (dedicated) to your personal use and you will get access to the unlimited bandwidth it would offer. The virtual private server might be cheap, but it would not serve your purpose if you are ambitious enough. You need a kind of host that would totally be customized according to your needs and you can control the most of it.


cheap unlimited web hosting VPS

The decicated web host offers good discounts if you have a look at the market before buying a service. If you choose a good service that actually thinks of your benefit, it will understand your needs and might offer you their web hosting services at discounted prices so that you can then choose from among the ones you have shortlisted and then choose the cheapest and the affordable. But you should keep in mind while choosing your web host.


What should you keep in mind?

There are certain things you should keep in mind before actually buying a web host service, that is opting for a toegewijd (dedicated) server. You have to remember that the service you are choosing must be 100% efficient because your e-commerce depends largely on the performance of the server. If the server is down, the web hosting will come to a standstill, and thus, you will lose money every second because the probable buyers who will visit your site would not be able to buy your stuff because they will remain stuck at the payment gateway, and thus what will suffer the worst blow is your reputation and this can prove fatal for your business in the long run.


So, what is to be done?

These dedicated servers are kept stored in special halls that are specially made to house these servers. These large halls are called datacenters.  The thing that you should watch out for at the very beginning is that whether the datacenter has a good air conditioning system or not. You need the datacenters to have a good air conditioning system because the heat that would be generated by the host would be great, because there will always be heavy traffic to your website. But this generated heat slows down the servers that can cause a lot of monetory loss for you.


There can be a lot of confusion at thedatacenter must provide you with two important points. payment gateway if the web hosting snaps at that particular moment, and this can cause the customer to pay twice, and this would then be your responsibility to refund the money. So, you can easily understand how important this aspect is. Further, there should be a humidity regulator that would help manage the moisture formed on the machine parts. This is a crucial point too. Another thing that you must make sure is that the datacenter you are trusting has a good and uniform power supply.


Your website will have a heavy traffic and thus your server would experience a lot of demand for power. If, at this moment the power snaps, you will lose substantial amounts of money every minute because competition in this market is fierce and customers would not think twice before opting for another website. You should make sure that the datacenter has access to alternative sources of power that would keep your server going even if the power snaps. These alternative sources can be either an inverter that would quickly manage the power shortage or it can be a sustainable source of evergy such as solar power. So, your datacenter must provide you with two important points that are—

  • stability
  • reliability

Further, you should watch out for the quality of customer support they offer. The datacenter should be able to provide you a top notch customer service because without this service the datacenter would only be a large room full of junk. This is another advantage you have against the virtual private networks. Here, the keyword is control.

You might be needing funds at any point of time depending on the customer demands. The voucher system in a VPS is very inconvenient in this matter because it would take up a lot of time. And it is time that you cannot afford to lose. Since this toegewijd (dedicated) server is only there for your need you can always expect a customer service executive to be at your service whenever you need their support.


Other concerns

There are certain other concerns that you need to take care of. You need to understand that this is a private server that is being used extensively for your usage, and hence your previous computer system would not be able to handle this server. You need to upgrade your system seriously.  Your CPU would not do  and it should be changed to the 64 bit AMD one. You have to upgrade to a pentium 4 or an i3 processor. The RAM has to be managed with care.


You should go for  100 TB web hosting because this would serve your purpose the best. This would provide you with ample space and you can then easily upload large files to your sites that maybe an user manual or a video that would guide the user through the different rules and information they need to follow in order to have the best experience. In this competitive market you need to put up videos that can be shared on social media and can be made full use of. This would boost your business significantly. Because of such a large size, the users can easily access the site and the videos would load very fast, thus growing a positive reputation for your company. This would boost your business sugnificantly, so go for it!

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